Have you ever been around a person that just seems to have good luck all the time?  Well some may think that good luck is all about chance but here are a

5 tips for how to get lucky and live a charmed life!


1. Many people believe in lucky charms like the Shamrock or other rituals to create good luck but even if there is no actual scientific proof that these rituals or objects can actually bring good luck, the sheer thought of it can help a person stay tuned in to their positive vibes which tend to lead to happiness and luckier outcomes.


2.  Be charmed... don't be alarmed. Don't freak out when life throws you a curve ball. Stay calm, look for the rainbow and ride it to the pot of gold!  If you have a flat tire on the highway an unlucky person may say, "well that's just my luck- what a bad day," while a lucky person may say, "wow we are so lucky- that could have been worse and I'm glad we are all safe."


3. Take chances and don't wait for the right time- there will never be the perfect time or a perfect outcome. Lucky people tend to seize the day no matter when the day comes.  Go for the Gold but be happy with the Bronze!


5.  No one is born into luck.  Lucky people create the life they want with intention and they share and give back to others.  When you give to others the good deed or gesture tends to come back around to you.  Send a friend the Luck of the Irish this St. Patrick's Day with the Shamrock Cookie Cake and be a lucky charm!


How the Shamrock became the symbol of Good Luck

The shamrock or three-leaved clover dates back to early Ireland  as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. The Shamrock became Ireland’s national emblem as legends states that St. Patrick used shamrocks to illustrate the doctrine of the Trinity.  The modern interpretation for the rare and uncommon four-leaved clover is said to be Faith, Hope, Love and Luck or Wealth, Fame, Love and Health. The phrase, “The Luck of the Irish” comes from the fact that Ireland is supposedly home to more four-leaf clovers than any other area.  The Irish have considered shamrocks good-luck symbols since the earliest times, and today people all over the world see the Shamrock as a symbol of good luck. 

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