Even though times are tight for most of us, it seems like kid birthday parties are getting more an more elaborate. If you just can't swing a fancy catered event, pony rides or an expensive bounce house party we have some tips for you.  Host your party at home or at a local public park and put on an amazing event that your kid and his or her friends will never forget.



1.  Start preparation early.  If you have a plan you'll be less likely to spend money on last minute party necessities.  Allowing ample time and buying items for the party over time will allow you to shop for sales vs. paying full price.   Shop the end caps or clearance racks of Big Box retailers like Target.  When retailers re-stock shelves with the latest colors and patterns they often sell older items at steep discounts.  Be open minded and mix and match to create a unique party theme.  


2.  Are you planning a theme party like Peace Signs and Pop culture for a tween girl or a character party like Jake and the Neverland Pirates for a toddler boy? Only splurge on branded items that will become the staples for your party theme like the pinata or a table center piece. Otherwise, you can use plain colored or mixed matched plates, napkins, and utensils and generic Happy Birthday items that can be found a local Dollar Store or made by hand. 


3. Get crafty and DIY!  This can definitely save you some cash on a kid birthday party and its an easy way to get your birthday boy or girl involved.  There are tons of ideas online for fun crafts and games for kids that cost next to nothing. For example, a $1 character themed coloring book makes a cool and fun "little Picasso" painting party by mounting carefully torn out pages to cardboard with paper plates cut in the shape of painters palettes and globs of washable paint.  Older kids love competition so rather than spending a ton of money on goody bags with a bunch of junk, pick up a few more substantial prizes and make it part of the party for kids to play games and win prizes.


4. Being smart about the food you serve is one the best ways to save money on a kid's birthday party.  Serve snack size portions of chips, pretzels  and veggie strips in individual decorative cups to reduce waste and make for easy clean up.  Cut pizza slices in half and cut up grapes and vegetables small to make your money go further.  


5. The culmination of any great birthday party is the birthday cake and singing Happy Birthday.  Make this a focal point of your event  for an affordable price with a 13-inch Custom Cookie Cake from The Great Cookie.  Our Cookie Cake is the biggest and most affordable cookie cake you will find online and it can easily feed up to 24 people. We can almost guarantee it will be the hit of the party and you'll feel like a million bucks with all the money you saved with these great tips!.  





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